Antonio Bova had a goal and a dream. Born in Reggio, Calabria, Italy in 1890, he came to America leaving his wife, Victoria and baby son, Raffaele behind to fulfill his dream of owning and establishing a family business.

He settled in the North End of Boston and landed a job as an apprentice baker at a local bakery. With his fearless determination and staunch work habits, he soon became a quick study. Within a few years he became an accomplished baker and soon opened his own bakery at 79 Price Street in Boston’s North End in 1926 naming it A. Bova & Sons Bakery.

It was hard work, with long tiring hours and little money coming in. Frustrated and weary, he knew he needed to get his name and brand noticed. One day, as the hot bread was coming out of the oven, with no customers in sight, he grabbed a large bread basket stuffing it with hot bread and started walking door to door. He introduced himself, saying “My name is Antonio Bova and I am looking for business. Please sample my bread and if you like it, visit my store at 79 Prince Street.” Lo and behold to his surprise that labor of love and passion to succeed proved so rewarding that business was picking up through word of mouth. And as business was growing his family was growing with four more sons born and all put to work at a very young age.

Antonio Bova a.k.a. A. Bova & Sons Bakery would be proud today that for three generations his bakery has survived, thrived and flourished. Bova’s is known far and wide for its 24 hour friendly service. This has all stemmed from a boat ride to America and the vision of one man’s dream…..Antonio Bova, a man of faith, courage, generosity and guts…a man that never gave up hope.

Once asked, “Nono, when do you ever sleep?” He replied, “I sleepa standing uppa with one eye opened.”