Bova’s Bakery has been expertly baking and serving the finest homemade Italian cookies, pastries, and breads for over eighty years.

Made fresh daily with only the healthiest ingredients, the large selection of high quality items found at Bova’s Bakery is matched only by the dedicated and experienced staff.

Open 24 hours a day, everyday, the Bova family works hard to prepare fresh authentic Italian treats, cookies, and pastries by hand round the clock.

For over three generations, the Bova staff and family has produced award winning Italian pastries and treats from traditional Italian family recipes. Known for the

genuine Italian baking styles and ingredients, it is no surprise that Bova’s Bakery has thrived and flourished in Boston, Massachusetts North End since 1926.

Bova’s Bakery offers a delectable variety of tasty treats that will delight all palates, such as: our famous ricotta cannoli, creamy tiramisu, our flakey turnovers, popular fresh fruit tarts, jumbo chocolate dipped strawberries, and our popular eclairs and Neopolitans.

Bova’s cream puffs and Whoopie pies are stuffed with real whipped cream. The fogliatelle and lobster tails are a favorite. These are just a few of the large assortment of pastries.

The warm homemade Italian breads, oversized subs, Sicilian pizza and calzones have become staples in Bova’s Bakery and deli section.

Visit Bova’s Bakery for a taste of Italy today.

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